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summer production initiative...

Following the success of our many other shows and productions, we have recently developed the Summer production initiative. The creative team will produce a drama piece with large scale production values, working together with professionals, amateurs and the current young members of FAITH. The play will be based .around issues that are of importance to young people, giving them a voice to be creative when creating the show

As the year of workshops and training comes to an end in August, this initiative will on some level act as a main showcase of all the work young members have achieved. Agents, directors and producers will be invited to the show and have the opportunity to meet young members. We hope for some members this will provide them with invaluable contacts and even job or further training opportunities. On another level it will be a wonderful way of opening up our work to the young public as we approach our new term in October. Raising awareness of our work and the upcoming year

We shall hold auditions for the summer production in February/March and begin rehearsals and development in April. The show itself will run in August. Although Current young FAITH members will be given priority when auditioning for acting parts, the auditions will also be open to the general public for a variety of roles providing they are aged 15-25. There may also be room for other talent such as singers, dancers, rappers, percussionists etc depending on the type of show we will be doing

Behind the scenes:

In addition to roles on stage, we will also be looking for young people interested in helping out behind the scenes, from roles like Stage Management, costume design, lighting, sound, set construction and front of house to roles such as admin, finance, marketing, PR and media. There are even some opportunities for emerging directors, writers and choreographers to run the show alongside our professionals.

There is an opportunity for everyone to be involved in the summer production initiative. We aim to produce provocative high quality Plays that are not only artistically innovative but are managed and produced with professionalism in mind. This is why it is necessary to incorporate the talents of the more experienced professionals. They will act as a support system for our participants, allowing them to learn with a safety net but also giving them enough space to be creative and original in their choices. Our participants and emerging artists will have the opportunity to observe, question and work alongside the experienced during performance and rehearsals, gaining an insight as well as practical knowledge into how a particular arts area works.

By the end of each summer production, we anticipate that many of the participants will go on to join our new intake of young members in October!

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